There’s An Example Behind How He Is

Recently, I have reviewed my old status on personal account of mine in Facebook. I found my posting on June 5, 2014.

“Transfer ilmu merupakan mata rantai yang sulit terputus dari satu orang ke orang yang lainnya

Translated: “knowledge transfer is a circle which is hard to be separated among each other”

I still remember, I got that statement from an essay of my friend. Hmm, actually, I would like to mention his full name, but I can’t or I don’t. Okay, I used to call him Ari, her nickname at home. I met him about 3 years ago when I worked at my old company, Bina Nusantara University. That statement made me think twice or more. That statement made me to decide a big decision in my life. Yes, the statement influenced me to decide for being a teacher for a year. A year which gave me a lot of beautiful memories, urged my limits, gave a chance to knowing how great my country, encouraged my soul, inspired and blessed me for blessing all of I had and what happened to me.

I often tell you what happened on my an amazing year, and now I want to tell you how he is. He who has an amazing statement, Ari.
He is a
Minangkabau guy. Minangkabau is one of ethnicity in Indonesia. Minangkabau people live in West Sumatra. His father was born at about of Maninjau Lake and his mother at Pandai Sikek Village which was famous with Songket. Fyi songket of Pandai Sikek is the most expensive and the best songket. So, he is 100% of Minangkabau, or people called it Minang.

He is second child from 4 brothers (2 brothers and 1 sister). I know him as someone whose high integrity. I have never seen him come late, he always come earlier. He is hard-worker and persistent one. He is also a smart guy. When I met him, his GPA was about 3.9 from 4.00 scale. How brilliant he is! I don’t know what stuff his brain made is, hahaha. I have to say that he is a religious one too. He has deep faithful but he has high tolerance to followers of another religions. You have to know that he is not only kind-hearted, but also good-looking 😜 (at least in my eyes). It isn’t just because I am one of his fan, haha.. Yet everybody said it too. Hmm, I think I am not his secret admirer, I have told him that he is awesome. 🙈

Seeing how he is now, I was curious how his childhood life, yet for long time, I had never found a moment to ask it since then he told me. One day, when the day was rainy, he couldn’t come back home and he was waiting for rain stopped at my room, in front of my desk and we made a conversation.
Ari: I want to tell you something, but I don’t know what I have to tell first
Me: What problem will you tell?
Ari: I think I have no problem or may be my problem is I don’t know what the problem? Hahaha

Me: Hahaha.. Hearing what you said just now, I remember the case of my friend. She got a client who’s a perfect life. His family is happy, his parent support him everything, his study is excellent, his financial never get problem, his friend and social are fine, let’s say all about him is well. And he visited to counsellor to say that his problem is he doesn’t know what the problem is or he think he has no problem. And now, I’ve just heard from you! Do you know what happened with my friend? She had been getting stress! Hahaha

Ari: Hahaha.. It means I am an ordinary guy, I am not alone in the world who has similar problem. Actually, I want to find a shoulder to cry on like others. Hahaha

Me: Hah? Pardon? What do you mean? You said that you are finding a shoulder to cry on? Do you want crying? Do you have a serious problem?

Ari: No no. I have no problem anymore. Sometimes, I want to talk everything to someone who is called friend. I have so many friends that I don’t know who the best one to being the best friend.

Me: Do you have a close friend?
Ari: I think I have, but we talk about jobs, hahaha.
Me: Okay. Thanks
for your describing! 🙄 So, if you need to share something or need advice to considering, who will you come in?

Ari: I used to share, discuss, talk, and everything I want to my parent. When I am confused, feeling down, needing more support, seeking different view of anything, I always call my parent. They have everything I need.
The rain was so long. He and I were continuing our talking. Then he told about his parent. He said, his father was born from less-than-middle-class family with 11 children (if I am not wrong), but the parent of his father have strong determination that their children must have well-educated. His father is a professor at public university in West Sumatra now. What a great! He continued, his father didn’t live
easily. He had to paddle across the Maninjau Lake going to schoolb with his sibling. Till he finally went to Bogor to continue his study, then went abroad to get graduate program in Philippines and finished his PhD in Germany. On the other hand, his mother born in a couple with a big songket business in the village and had been inherited their family business. His father and mother had been got matchmaking by their family when his father was getting master study in Philippines, then Ari was born when his father was finishing his PhD in Germany.
A lesson to learn: although they were got matchmaking, they could live happily ever and after (
Insyaa Allah). 😁😁
His father taught him how to being humble. Despite a professor, his father woke up early before everybody wake up, serving breakfast and pouring a glass of milk for all of beloved ones. He taught how to time managing. Going to bed early before at 9 p.m and wake up every 3 a.m, then doing
Tahajjud prayer. He taught that family is everything, he disposed good position just because he wanted to come back home as soon as possible to accompany his children in the after noon. He used to talk and discuss to his children, so when they are facing a problem, they usually talk and discuss it. And her mother, as a business woman, taught her children to be brave for facing all around them. Teaching them to respect everyone, no matter how people are.

Listening his story, finally I found what made him like now. His parent. His parent give him not only piles of advises, but they an example have to be.
He gets everything at home. Not only the physical needs, but psychological needs as well.

Thank you for sharing the value of your family and how your parent treated you, Ri.




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