Self Conversation

“What are you doing?”
“I am thinking about myself”
“What are you thinking about?”
“Honestly I don’t know what I am thinking about”
“Are you thinking about somebody?”
“Maybe. I am not sure who he is”
“Is he strange for you?”
“Not really. I knew him”

“Has he known you as well as you?”
“I don’t know but I knew that he has known me. That’s all”
“So what do you want from him?”
“Actually I neither know nor I don’t want to know”
“I didn’t feel it”
“Hmm, personally I don’t ask you to feel it”
“I just want to understand what happened with your mind”
“No, I don’t beg you to understand what I feel, because you are feeling, not understanding”
“Come on, I am part of yourself”
“Yet it happened in my mind, not in  heart”
“Approximately someone who is so thinkable in your thought that he is loveable in your heart. You said it’s just about your brain’s problem, right? Haven’t you remained that brains and heart aren’t separated?”
“I have no idea. Give me time to consider it. I will talk to you if I already know what I am really thinking about”
“Don’t you remember, I am heart. Surely I am in your left side, but oftentimes I am right”

Synchronise both of your brain and heart. Bring your brain, follow your heart. Think twice and try to feel three times. Note to myself.


P.s. Hi, you, I am thinking about you. I am waiting for your chatting with me. I missed all of your stories. I missed your joke. I don’t know what happened with me. I am not sure that I have fallen in love with you, I’ve just known that I had a comfortable conversation with you.


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