Psychology Monolog

Written by Dien Fakhri Iqbal Marpaung

“Are you Psychology?”
“No, I am Statistics which is disguising”
“Nope. Actually I’m Biology. Natural science which was stable. Such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics.”
“Are you kidding me?”
“Hehe.. No, I mean Economic which is disguising”
“And the end of time it’s about profit, isn’t it?”
“Not really. For the next time, full of calculating is a must”
“Hmm, does it mean politics?”
“No. Even though the science was born before first world war and rose when second world war”
“I guess it’s history”
“Yes, I guess, but it so far from history”
“Geographic, it’s about distance! Behaviour zone, furthermore it’s so far from our motherland”
“No no no. Travelling is mainstream. It’s just simple”
“Aha! Tourism?”
“Almost. Yet it’s still wrong”
“So, what is it?”
“Surely it’s not body language”

For love is not talked, but is done

Translated into English by me


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