A Message for My Pasukan Bintang

My favourite activity on break time: wefie

Hi Dear,

It’s me, someone who spent a wonderful year in your humble village (hopefully never slipped down from your heart even I have gone there). I wanted to write a short message for you all, Kiddos, but I’m sorry that I wrote it in English. I have come back from Pare, by the way, hehe..

Firstly, I would like to tell you that I have recently watched the videos which were recorded by you, my children. No, I don’t have any children. People called them my students. I taught them Math, Science, Art, and Sport for a year ago. Uh, talking about them make me miss everything about them. Ya, I am gonna miss you to The Moon, Stars, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and back to the Earth then into the heart, guys!

I imagined one by one of their faces are smile at me. They used to ask me random questions. They were used to act magicly that so called act-of-craziness which was sometimes made me crazy, haha.. No matter how and what they did, they were so special. At least in my eyes of those who witnessed their amazing things.

I learnt that they knew how to make common things in magical way. They loved to know something new and explored it. Their door was always open to be fulfilled by new things. It was just because their curiosity didn’t close the door to be fulfilled. On the other hand, people- that so called adult- oftentimes enquired everything what will be given to them. Your teacher was one of them, Love.

Hey, kiddos, all of you might never know that your teacher earned more lesson from you, right? When your teachers were mad at you, you never hate them. A lot of apologies were in your heart. It’s not easy to be a forgiver. It’s not easy to forget somebody who anger us. I guessed, you exactly knew that you had done inappropriately. Actually it wasn’t wonderful, was it? But some people would be deny to acknowledge that they were wrong and forget someone who anger them easily. It was the fact, guys. Unfortunately, your teacher did.

I was sorry for being me, Dear. However, I used to try being your nice teacher not the best one, I was sorry, I never wanted it to be.

Did you still remember when I taught you collage? I wished you would be more patient through sticking leaf to your paper one by one. I wished you would be a persistent one and accomplished what you have begun.

Did you still remember when I separated you into some groups and ask you doing your assignment with your teammates? It was just because your teacher wanted you all be super team and be a part of it. In your teacher’s opinion, you would learnt more when you work with the others. Not only studying about art, but also by taking a role in your team, you would learnt about how you appreciate everyone. Surely, you would be the best one, yet the challenge was how you would be the best by taking everybody who around you. Never thought of your mates are your competitors, think that they are your partner to push your competency more, to encourage you to learn more and more.

Ah, Kiddos. I missed calling you “Pasukan Bintang”. I inspired by the star to calling you by this name. Looked out into the night sky and see billions of stars shining brightly even they appear small. Then, looked out the moon and compared to the stars. The moon appears bigger and lighter than stars, but its shine is from the others, it doesn’t have their own shine and it appears bigger because it is near whereas stars are far from The Earth. As a result, stars appear smaller and gloomier than the moon.

Have you caught what I mean, Dear? Yes, you have to try to be like a star which has its own shine. I trusted in you, Dear. Even when you felt that you are not good at one subject, I knew that you are surely good at another. Believe in me, you all have your own shine, so you have to believe in yourself.

Best and sweetest regard,

Your teacher who is missing you.


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